The Surprising Impact of Table Overlays

Table overlays are making a huge hit in event decor this year. I have decorated several weddings and events using table overlays and continue to receive a number of requests for them. Gone are the days of table runners because table overlays are here to stay!There are many reasons why table overlays are in such demand. For one, table overlays make a bolder statement than table runners without being overpowering as a full colored table cloth. An overlay will add a simple hint of color to your existing linens.

Secondly, it can be fun to decorate using overlays. With all of the color, material and size options available, overlays can be used to incorporate your color scheme and jazz up your venue. Want to be more adventurous?

Layer several overlays using various colors and sizes to really make a statement.

Finally, overlays are inexpensive. In most cases, they are almost half the cost of a table cloth and still provide a similar impact. For more details on pricing or ideas, contact us: