Glamorous Events with Draping

Want to hide an eyesore or an ugly wall in your venue? Add a backdrop to cover up the issues. A backdrop can easily convert the eyesores into a thing of beauty. Your guests will be in awe of your backdrop while paying no attention to the venue's gentle issues.

Backdrops can also be used to add some spice and elegance to your venue. Jazz up your headtable by adding a backdrop of sheer panels behind it. Bring out your color scheme while adding glamour to your event with a backdrop of colored fabrics. Contact us for a price quote:

Fall Colors for Kentlands Mansion Garden

Check out the pics from the garden of the Kentlands Mansion Bridal Show. Table linens and decor provided by Le Fabuleux Events

Bar Mitvah with an Elegant 007 Theme

When young Noah came to me and said he wanted a 007 themed Bar Mitzvah, I became excited as all of the ideas began to bubble around in my head. However, I found out more about what he envisioned before I began spewing forth my ideas.

Noah and I along with his parents chatted several times and came up with some ideas to give Noah a swanky event and to conjure up the spirit of 007 himself:

We wanted the event to have the sleek look that Bond represented, so we decided on a color scheme of navy blue, black and silver. The color scheme was delivered by stylish silver and black table linens in polycotton, satins and pintucks. For the dinner tables, we accented the linens with blue napkins and martini glasses as centerpieces filled with colored MnMs. The place card and gift tables were accented with silver satin overlays.

Of course 007 would not attend an event without his favorite drink, the martini. Martini bars filled with tasty spirits were in the ballroom and on the patio for the adults. For the kids, there was a "mocktini" bar (a non alcoholic drink of Noah's favorite strawberry lemonade).
The event also featured a large poster of Noah as 007 himself in his swankiest suit with the casino royale background. For entertainment, there was a kid friendly DJ that kept the kids dancing. There was also a room with a Nintendo Wii on a big screen for the kids that needed a break from all of the dancing.
At the end of the evening, Noah was very pleased with his party. He and his friends had so much fun they were fast at sleep within an hour after the party ended.

Let's Talk about Wedding Arches and Arbors

Nothing says this is a wedding ceremony quite the way wedding arches and arbors do. From traditional to trendy, there are soooo many types of arches to choose from. More importantly, there are now even more ways to decorate them.

Classic brass arch. Preferably for indoor use.

Having fun with kissing balls in various colors.

Tulle and draping decorate this garden arbor.

Red silk roses and organza are added to this arch to enahnce wrought iron.

For a more classic look, a traditional white arch surrounded by arrangements perfect for the couple that wants more emphasis on the ceremony.

The Inn at Vint Hill Bridal Show

The Inn at Vint Hill Bridal Show was held
on Thursday Sept. 30th. Brides, grooms and party planners from all around came
out to view the gorgeous mansion, its rolling green hills and beautiful architecture. They were also able to speak with vendors such as photographers, planners and designers while sampling delicious food prepared by the chef.

The event was planned by Heather Farewell of Ms. Sophia's Weddings. Floral arrangements by Devers Design, table linens and decor provided by Le Fabuleux Events and wine sampling by Loudon Valley Winery.

Satin and pintuck linens, sashes and chargers provided by Le Fabuleux Events.

The Surprising Impact of Table Overlays

Table overlays are making a huge hit in event decor this year. I have decorated several weddings and events using table overlays and continue to receive a number of requests for them. Gone are the days of table runners because table overlays are here to stay!There are many reasons why table overlays are in such demand. For one, table overlays make a bolder statement than table runners without being overpowering as a full colored table cloth. An overlay will add a simple hint of color to your existing linens.

Secondly, it can be fun to decorate using overlays. With all of the color, material and size options available, overlays can be used to incorporate your color scheme and jazz up your venue. Want to be more adventurous?

Layer several overlays using various colors and sizes to really make a statement.

Finally, overlays are inexpensive. In most cases, they are almost half the cost of a table cloth and still provide a similar impact. For more details on pricing or ideas, contact us:

How I Threw a Fab Party in My Backyard.

So my husband was all set to graduate on May 15th from the GWU MBA program. This calls for a celebration, I thought to myself. After my husband agreed to the idea of a party in his honor, I immedialty began to put a plan of action together. My goal: to plan a terrific celebratory event for my hubby and his friends to enjoy.

First thing on the agenda was to identify a venue for this event. I started by contacting the facilities that I've worked with in the past....all booked for May 15th. I then began to contact other facilties such as hotels, lounges, restaurants, country clubs etc. still to no avail ..... all booked for May 15th. After making a bigillion phone calls across the DMV, the light bulb finally went off- throw the party at home in my backyard! I couldn't believe I did not think of that any sooner.

My hubby was thrilled to know that the party was going to be held at our home. For him, it meant we would save money on renting a venue. But the issue then became how to make a boring backyard appear as fun and festive as a venue.

I had to consider the type of atmosphere I wanted for this event. For this party, I wanted the feel of a casual yet stylish barbecue similar to the the look of an outfit consisting of jeans, heels and a fancy blouse- casual but chic.

My husband's favorite color is blue so I used aqua blue and paired it with black for a trendy color scheme which became the focal point for the decor. I decided to decorate the backyard using cocktail tables in black and aqua to bring out the color scheme. I also used balloon bouquets as the centerpieces and lanterns for lighting.

For the food, I decided to call the highly regarded Famous Dave's to bring some of their finest barbecue and sides. Chicken, ribs, potato salad and baked beans were on the menu.

Next, we hired a DJ and set him up in the basement. My basement was then converted into a swanky U Street lounge equipped with a dance floor. I gave him a list of great BBQ tunes and allowed him to play throughout the night.

We invited some of my husband's family, friends, co workers and classmates and let the party begin. Everyone raved about the decor, food and fun. This was probably one of the least expensive events I have ever planned and one that I had the most fun planning. See, it does not require a swanky venue to plan a fab party. Just good food, great friends and a touch of creativity.

5 Simple Ways to Incorporate Color Scheme

There is nothing worse than walking into a party or wedding reception and the guests ask "what is the color scheme?" If this question is asked, it is typically an indicator that the color scheme of the event was never truly introduced into the decor or it somehow got lost in the original decor of the venue. Here are several ways to bring your color scheme to the forefront of your next event:

1. Backdrop/Pipe and Drape: Why not add a backdrop to spruce up your decor? By adding a pipe drape/backdrop arranged in your colors you will not only make a bold statement but you will also bring the colors of your event to the immediate attention of your guests. Materials can be purchased in an array of colors and hung in various ways to create as dramatic of an affect as you would like.

2. Lighting Design: Traditionally considered for the use of the super chic or fun at heart, lighting design is such a fun way to spruce up your decor. It can be as simple or complex as you would like for it to be. Adding something as simple as uplighting a few walls in your color scheme can be just effective as lighting the entire room.

3. Table Linens: When you walk into a room the first thing noticed typically is the linens. Offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials and patterns, table linens are a very popular method of incorporating your color scheme. Decorate your venue with table cloths in your color scheme to bring your colors to the eyes of your guests. Have a little fun with the linens by alternating colors between the tables. For a more sophisticated effect, use satin table linens. If you want a more subtle change, try using overlays. Overlays cover the top of the tables without draping all the way down to the floor. They provide a similar effect as a full table cloth at a less expensive cost. For those with smaller budgets for table linens, simply adding a napkin in your colors at each place setting can bring your color scheme to the spotlight as well.

4. Chairs, Chair Covers and Sashes: If your color scheme includes the color black, why not change the color of your chairs to black? Or perhaps place black chair covers over those ugly blue banquet chairs at your venue? A change as simple as chairs and chair covers can have a huge impact on your venue and color scheme. For a more simple yet sophisticated look, just add a sash to the top of your chair in your color scheme. This will add some appeal to your chairs and a splash of color to your event.

5. Accessorize: There are certain accessories that are needed for most events such as menus, table signs, tent cards and programs. Having these items created in your color scheme and neatly placed at each table setting will add a splash of color to your table decor. It also adds a very neat and trendy feel as well.

Incorporate these ideas and be sure to get your color scheme noticed at your next big event. Don't forget to provide us with your feedback:

New Restaurant in Northern VA

Cozy atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious food describes Columbus Grill. Located in Manassas, this moderately priced restaurant is a great location for after work dinner and drinks at the bar, family dinning on the patio or a romantic dinner for two in the main dinning room. Serving a combination of Mediterranean and American cuisine, owner Nuno Duarto brought a little something with him from Portugal; a chef that serves amazing dishes and a wine room stacked with wine from his private vineyard in Portugal.

If you are planning a private event and in need of a venue, Columbus Grill offers a private dinning room that can accommodate over one hundred people. Columbus Grill is a perfect location for parties, showers, receptions, and rehearsal dinners. Hosting a private event at Columbus Grill provides your guests with a pleasurable experience, enjoying fine wine and delicious food.
For your next dinner or event come out and have a glass wine and enjoy the food at one of Northern Virginia's best kept secrets. 834 Centreville RD Manassas, VA 20111

Planning an Event Without a Planner

Lately, I have designed several events in which a professional event planner was not present. I am sure that many people make the decision to nix the planner based on several factors, saving money being a primary motivator. While this is not a bad idea, there are some things that one should know about planning a major event without the assistance of a professional planner. I have compiled a list of things to consider regarding planning an event without a planner based on my experiences. So before you fire your planner, read on...
Who will Answer Vendor Questions on the Day of your Event?
I recently designed and decorated two events that did not have a planner. The events were a wedding and a quinceanera. As soon as I walked through the door of the venue of each event, I knew immediately that there was not a planner present to provide assistance. How did I know you ask? Well for one, when I, along with the other vendors, arrived there was no one present to provide instructions or answer questions. The musician did not have a current program or schedule of events and the cake baker did not know which table was being used for the cake table. The DJ was still trying to determine how to pronounce the names of some of the bridal party members with no assistance. These things may seem small but can make a major difference if your aim is to plan a seamless event.

Who will be your Representative on the Day of the Event?
Whether you are the bride or groom, or the host of a major party, or a parent throwing your child's right of passage celebration, you will most likely want to enjoy the event that you have put a lot of time and energy into organizing. If you are planning to transition from being the planner to being a guest at the event and want enjoy the festivities, then you may want to consider who will represent you during the event. Someone will be needed to communicate your wants and desires during the event to the vendors and venue staff. Your guests and vendors may have questions during the event, who should they speak with on your behalf? The person delegated to be your representative will make decisions for you while you enjoy the event. They will pick up the ball if something goes wrong. They will also assure that the event follows the pre planned timeline and goes according to schedule. Delegating a representative to act on your behalf will not only relieve a lot of stress but also allow you to mix and mingle with your guests with no worries.

Who will Handle the Details?
There are so many minute details involved in planning a major event. There are so many bases that you want to assure are covered. For the quinceanera that I designed, the parents called me, the decorator, to ask questions about everything from how will the guests know when to sit down for dinner to how should the cake cutting be handled. They even called me as my staff and I were setting up to tell me that the photographer had a flat tire on the way to the event and asked me what should they do. These are questions that are typically handled by a planner not a decorator/designer and unfortunately for these particular events I was hired to simply design. However the planner in me felt compelled to assist as each client seemed to be in a lurch.
You may want to do as much research as you can on event planning to find out what it entails before taking on such a task. Also think ahead about all the things involved to assure that all bases are covered.

Planning without a planner is not impossible but there is a lot to consider. I hope this article helps you to think about the details so that regardless of the direction you choose to take in planning, your event will be well organized and all that you imagined.

Eggplant Weddings

Eggplant is a very popular color for wedding decor for 2010. Check out the following ideas for eggplant colored weddings.

Table Settings

Ceremony/Reception Decor


Pink Wedding Details

There isn't any other color out there that is as much fun as pink. Each shade comes with its own set of characteristics that are sure to make a splash at any wedding. Check out some pink ideas for your wedding:

Pink Bouquets & Flowers

Pink Decor

Pink Lighting and Lanterns

Pink Cakes and Cupcakes