All you Need to Know about Event Lighting

Blue Uplighting Behind a Headtable

Blue Color Wash with Uplighting

Lighting design is a feature that has been used by large entities, celebrities, and corporations to add flare to a party or special event. Recently, lighting design has become more common and is now used in weddings and special events on a much smaller scale. Lighting can set the mood for your event and can drastically change the look and feeling of your venue. Some use lighting to reinvent their venue. Others use it as an accent. Regardless of the reason it is chosen, lighting is a high tech method of adding pizazz to your event and gaining the "wow factor" from your guests. Here are a few ways to incorporate lighting into your event:

1. Uplighting- Probably the easiest way to incorporate event lighting. Uplighting can be used to highlight specific features of a venue such as walls, columns, draping or a specific area. It is simple in installation and adds a stimulating feel to an event. You can use as little or as much light as you want in almost any color.

2. Gobo Lighting- A method that allows patterns to be projected into light. Many images can be projected by gobo lighting such as a name, monogram or logo. Gobo lighting can be projected onto surfaces such as walls, ceilings or dance floors.

3. Pinspot Lighting- Focused lighting that shines directly onto smaller objects. Pinspot lighting can be used to highlight smaller features such as centerpieces, table tops and cake tables. This is a simple method but can add a touch of class to an event.

4. Color Washing- A mixture of light fixtures that creates a "wash of color" in a venue. Color washing can change the color of the entire space. This effect produces the most drastic change.

Gobo Lighting Between Two Clear Uplights
Lighting design varies in price depending on your desires and how much light is needed for the space- the more lighting you require, the more costly it can be. If you choose to add lighting, be creative but do not go overboard. You want to make sure your event is stylish yet classy. Ultimately, if you are looking for a way to wow your guests, lighting design is a great method.

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