Winter Wedding Decor Ideas

'Tis the season to plan a winter wedding. Unlike the other seasons, there is something very unique about a winter wedding.  Having an elegant yet warm and cozy feel, winter weddings can be the most fascinating events to decorate as there are many options available. Here are several tips to to help you make your winter wedding decor a splash. Pour a mug of hot chocolate and get ready to plan your winter wedding decor.

Birch and Trees
Give your wedding the "wow" effect by turning your venue into a winter wonderland by using birch trees. Having multiple uses, birch trees can be placed in a vase and used as centerpieces or spray painted to decorate an aisle or head table. Add a touch of glamour to your birch trees by hanging candles or strands of crystals from the branches.

Natural Colors
Winter event decor used to be synonymous with colors such as red, green and blue. Currently, natural colors are very popular for winter events. Colors such as tan, ivory, and gold are making appearances at winter weddings. Compliment the colors with fabrics such as burlap and twill to create a rustic winter atmosphere.

Ornament Centerpieces
Save yourself a ton of money by using ornaments as centerpieces. Typically, floral arrangements are used at weddings which can be very pricey. Ornaments are creative ways to save money and to enhance your winter theme. Ornaments comes in a variety colors that you can add to an elegant vase to make your table decorations stand out.

Lighting Design
Compliment your winter wonderland theme with lighting design. Use lighting to bring out your color scheme or to highlight certain features of your venue. Uplight elements such as birch trees or pinspot your ornament centerpieces.

Warm Winter Drinks
Before the night ends, send your guests home with a sip of your favorite winter drink. Eggnog, hot cider, hot chocolate, lattes etc. served in a nice mug or glass is a great way to accent your decor and to top off your winter wedding night. 

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7 Unique Wedding Ideas

As the 2011 wedding season is in full swing, I have had the opportunity to decorate many weddings and special events. During the planning process, many of my clients have asked, "can you give me some unique ideas for my reception?" Many people want to plan an event that stands out from the other events that their guests have attended. The fact is that unique ideas will keep guests talking about the event from months to come.  Here are seven unique ideas that you can implement in your wedding or next special event.

1. Signature Cocktails
At any wedding, the food and alcohol are always key features. Surprise your guests by serving a swanky signature cocktail. A signature drink can be a favorite beverage of the of the couple, a drink that holds sentimental value, or one that happens to match the color scheme of the event.  This small detail makes a wonderful addition to any event.

2. Photo Backdrops
Allow your guests to be stars at your wedding! A photo backdrop is a fun addition to your wedding photography. Purchase a backdrop in your monogram and watch your guests take pics on the red carpet. It also makes everyone feel apart of the big day!

3. Alternating Colors
Have fun with your decor by alternating between colors. Instead of the conventional means of using the same color for each item, shock your guests by alternating the colors. This can be done with table linens, lighting or favors. This eye catching detail will keep your guests talking.

4. Professional Belly Dancers.
Keep your guests entertained by hiring a professional belly dancer. A belly dancer can be a compliment to your Arabian nights themed wedding or can add an exotic twist to your reception entertainment.
5. Decorate with Draping and Fabrics
Draping and fabrics are a very elegant and transformational approach to decor. Coming in a variety of textures and an array of colors, fabrics can be used to make your event as glamorous as you want or to implement your theme. Draping can also be used to hide certain features in a room or to enhance a specific area.

6. Crystals
They used to say diamonds are a girls best friend but now its crystals. Crystals are now a huge hit at weddings. They can add elegance and sophistication to event decor. From hanging crystal chandeliers from the ceilings to using crystal trees as centerpieces, crystals can be seen at the most upscale events. If implemented properly, crystals have the ability to take the event to another dimension in elegance.  Add lighting to add even more drama to the already elite crystal details.

7. Designer Table Linens:
Nothing has the impact on event decor the way specialty table linens does. Gone are the days of using basic standard table linens. Offered in a variety of textures and an array of colors, linens are the key features of any event decor. Specialty linens such as pinched wheel taffeta, pintuck and satin are in huge demand.

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Cupcakes and Cocktails

Thanks to all that came out to attend our event, Cupcakes and Cocktail. Special thanks to all the businesses/vendors that made this event possible (see below). Stay tuned for the fall edition of this event that will prove to be bigger and better.

Pinched Wheel Table Linens, Pintuck Napkins and Square White Plates

Event photographer: Alexander Morozov Photography by Alexander

Cupcakes by Happy Eatery

Damask Linens and Fuchsia Napkins

Rockville Rooftop and Arts Center Wedding Show

We were honored to have some of our linens dsiplayed at the Rockville Rooftop Wedding Show. Here are some of the pics.

Cupcakes and Cocktails

Join us for a look at the most elegant and trendiest wedding and party d├ęcor ideas while enjoying delicious cupcakes and cocktails. Stop by to view our selection of party rentals such as chair covers, table linens, centerpieces, lighting design and draping combined to form the most elegant color schemes and decor themes. Get free design consultation and expert opinions from our design staff to make your next big event a splash.

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Head Tables that Rock

Check out these inspirational head table ideas:

Black pintuck table cloth, pink napkins, rose petals with votive candles

Chocolate satin overlay scalloped and birch trees with hanging votives

White table skirt and blue uplighting

Aqua blue organza overlay, aqua blue napkins, white chair covers and aqua blue sashes

Pink satin table cloth, black organza swirl overlay, black napkins, pink satin sashes, and chargers

Aqua blue polycotton table cloth, white polycotton overlay, backdrop with white and aqua polycotton

Pink satin table cloth with pink satin sash

Backdrop with white scalloped linens

Black table cloth, pink satin overlay, black chair covers with black satin sashes

Scalloped black overlay on white table cloth

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Take Your Event Decor from Blah to Gorgeous in 4 Simple Ways

Have you ever walked into a reception or party excited to see the hosts personality entrenched in the decor only to see a bare room with standard amenities? Your thoughts probably were...nothing. More than likely, there was nothing in the decor that caught your eye or left you speechless.

Many people shy away from adding style to their decor because they feel it is too pricey or they have a fear of doing "too much." You can fancy up your decor without breaking the bank or risking simplicity. Here are 4 decor ideas to take your big event a step above all others and leave your guests in awe:
1. Lighting Design- Lighting is all the rave in event design because of its impact. It can add drastic effects to decor. Lighting can be as simple (a few uplights around the room) or complex (a complete wash of color) as you would like for it to be.View our article below on lighting design to see which effect will work best for your event.

2. Centerpieces with Pizazz- Traditional centerpieces are typically a floral arrangement in blooms of various colors neatly placed in the center of the table. Nowadays, there are many non floral centerpieces that can make a drastic impact on your event and set it apart from the norm. From rented lamps, feathers, candles and birch, these centerpieces will give your guests a glimpse of your personality and style.

3. Table Accents and Linens: Selecting your decor truly starts with your table linens and accents such as napkins and chargers. The standard white table linens and basic banquet chairs are now considered a bore. Spice things up by adding colored linens to bring out your color scheme. To add even more drama, choose linens with fabric that compliments your venue and brings out the ambiance. For an elegant and sophisticated affair, choose satin or crushed taffeta linens. For a swanky, look choose pinched taffeta.

Don't want to pay for a full table cloth? Add an overlay instead. An overlay is a smaller version of a table cloth that drapes over the cloth. It is less than half the cost of a table linen yet can provide the same effect.

For a touch of glam, add chargers to your table. Such a small addition can have a powerful impact.

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