Dressing Up Your Chairs

When planning your wedding you may fall in love with the your venue for its size, ambiance, location and spacious floor plans but you may have one problem; the chairs. Many facilities have outdated chairs in their ballroom or you may find that the color of the chairs clash with your wedding colors. The solution is simple: dress up those chairs! There are many ways to dress up your chairs from chivari chairs to chair covers. Each will add something unique to your space and change the look and feel of your venue.

1. Chair Covers- These are great way to not only hide the unattractive chairs of your current facility but also to add a classy new look to your venue. Chair covers have the power to drastically change your venue and have been known to leave guests in awe. Chair covers fit most banquet style chairs and they, along with the sashes, come in a variety of colors that can help to bring out your color scheme. They are easy to put on and relatively inexpensive.

2. Chivari Chairs- Get rid of your venue's chairs all together and add chivari chairs. Elegant and sophisticated describes the chivari chair. Made of wood or steel with a padded seat, they can hold their own in style or can be dressed up with a sash. This is the most expensive chair starting at $6 per chair.

3. Folding chairs- Folding chairs are perfect for an outdoor celebration. Folding chairs provide a clean and simple look for an event. Typically found in white, brown or black, folding chairs are the least expensive costing as low as $1 per chair.

To determine which chair would be a fit for your celebration, consider the style of your wedding and the look that you are aiming to achieve. They each will have different effect but will provadd the final touch needed for your decor.