Pink Wedding Details

There isn't any other color out there that is as much fun as pink. Each shade comes with its own set of characteristics that are sure to make a splash at any wedding. Check out some pink ideas for your wedding:

Pink Bouquets & Flowers

Pink Decor

Pink Lighting and Lanterns

Pink Cakes and Cupcakes

Blue Weddings

Wedding Music Planning

Ever attended a wedding and the music put you to sleep or didn't seem to make sense? That is because the couple did not consider how important music is to the event. The music sets the tone for the wedding. As you are planning your wedding it is important to keep in mind that the music you select dictates each portion of your event. For example, the music played at your processional may be very different from the tunes played at the cocktail hour. You can leave the music selection up to your DJ and musicians or take control of it yourself. Here are several spreadsheets that you can use as you plan your music for your big day. It also has examples of selections for each genre that have been a hit at weddings.

Pop/Rock Wedding Music Planner
R and B Wedding Music Planner
Christian/Gospel Music Planner

Tell us what you think of the planners:

Murder Mystery Party: Your Next Big Event

As you are planning your next big event you may be thinking, "I'm tired of the same old thing, I want an event that will provide a unique experience for my guests." If so, then you must consider a murder mystery party for your next big event.
A murder mystery party is a great fit for anyone that wants a lively, fun party that guests will truly enjoy. Perfect for any party size, murder mystery parties are great for fundraisers, corporate events and dinner parties. Murder mystery parties come in two different forms: box games or live games.

The boxed games are great for smaller parties. This is typically held in a dinner party atmosphere. The game comes with rules in which guests can easily follow as they act as the players. Some boxed games provide scripts which the players must follow. Others allow you to create your own script as you play the game.

Live games are typically produced by murder mystery production companies. It involves actors that will join you at your party with the plot ready to for delivery. The format allows your guests to feel apart of the show and encourages them to mix and mingle. Live murder mystery games can be held almost anywhere and in some instances, your guests get to dress up in cloths from another time period or country.
Murder mystery parties are tons of fun and are a great break from the typical dinner party or corporate function. A murder mystery party will also assure your party is an enjoyable event for all.

Check Lists to Help you Organize Your Wedding Day

So you are getting married and you have all of these things that you need to do and purchase for your wedding. Your biggest fear? Leaving the favors that you have paid so much money for at home or providing the limo service with the wrong times for pick up. Well, worry no more! We have created several check lists to help you organize the items needed for the event and keep you on schedule. You may also use these as templates as you create your own. You can share these with your photographer, coordinator and other vendors so you are all on track. I hope these are helpful at minimizing the stress as they keep you on task.

Reception Items Checklist

Ceremony Items Checklist

Day of Timeline:

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